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Milestones for Mental Health 2022

Our event was a huge success! We met with so many amazing supporters and spread the word about Lodestar to many new faces! Remember, though: the journey isn’t over! Lodestar’s goal is to raise $150,000 by the end of 2022 in order to help us open a recreational facility for our youth! If you can, please donate, and continue to spread the word about our cause!

Catch a glimpse of how Lodestar would use a facility to better serve our youth!

NOTE: Lodestar has raised over $92,000 in donations, grants, and pledges to date towards our goal of a community center in 2023. This meter only reflects donations made through Lodestar’s website.


Milestones for Mental Health is an annual fundraiser in which Lodestar volunteers take a journey to spread awareness for mental health. We walk 12 miles together, carrying rocks to signify the weight that mental illness has upon our clients. At each mile, we drop some of the rocks to signify the way in which our services help to relieve that weight. We also meet up with supporters and sponsors to give thanks! This year’s event is on April 30, 2022. Contact Danielle at info@lodestarcs.org to get involved!


We will be livestreaming the event on TWITCH, with interactive elements so that our supporters at home can stay involved!

Our goal this year is bigger than ever: $150,000!

WHY $150,000?

Lodestar’s biggest goal is to open a recreational center for our youth. Most of the money from this event will go towards finally making this dream a reality! Donations will go towards increasing staff training and bettering the lives of our youth through community-building events, aid for families, and other necessary expenses.